Laguna Hills Pool Liner Replacement

When to Call a Pool Professional

Although a pool liner can last a considerable amount of time, Honest Home pool specialists list a range of factors that affect the lifespan of pool liners.

Ground water issues

If you live in an area in the Laguna Hills region that experiences regular problems with ground water (due to dense soil, for example) your pool liner can become damaged depending on the precise soil conditions.

Chemical balancing 

Essential to overall pool maintenance, maintaining the proper balance of chemicals in your pool will help to preserve your pool liner. Algae and other forms of bacteria can wear down liners prematurely.


Liners must be installed by a professional to safeguard your pool’s structure and prevent premature damage. Honest Home liner replacement technicians are specially trained to ensure that your new liner is properly fitted to walls and corners for visually appealing, as well as structurally sound results.

Off-season/winter cover 

Protecting your pool liner with a well-fitted cover during the off-season ensures that rotting vegetation and harmful debris do not contribute to premature erosion.

Assessing Damage to Your Liner

Even the most perfectly maintained liner will eventually require a replacement. Although liner tears and leaks can always be repaired, at some point, patching may no longer be an option. A pool liner replacement protects the overall structure of your pool and also gives it a fresh updated look.

Honest Home Pool Liner Replacement Process

Pool walls and corners are carefully measured to allow for just the right amount of flexibility while still achieving a perfect liner fit.  The liner replacement process is carried out by a team of trained technicians who begin draining several inches of water from the pool to ensure the smooth removal of the old liner and facilitate the new installation. Once the measurements have been taken, your new pool liner is then carefully fitted to the pool structure for a wrinkle-free and visually appealing smooth surface. Some minor adjustments to pool equipment may be necessary for maximum efficiency and a perfect fit. Honest Home staff communicates with clients throughout the liner replacement process and is always available to address any questions or concerns.

Proper Pool maintenance

Proper chemical balancing for pool water is highly recommended once your pool liner is in place. Consult with our maintenance specialists about water testing and top-quality pool products on a regular basis to prolong the lifespan of your new pool liner and to enjoy the pool season to its fullest.

Qualified Consultations

Honest Home recommends replacing the liner in your pool during spring or fall in the Laguna Hills region. If you have concerns about liner damage at the end of the season, schedule an appointment for an authorized assessment by one of our trained technicians for the very best and most practical options. Beat the seasonal rush and book a consultation as early as possible to learn more about our wide selection of pool liner patterns, styles and textures designed to enhance the look and performance of any size pool.