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How to keep your A/C healthy in summer


1. Schedule annual maintenance checks with a pro

HVAC Experts can help recognize and diagnose important issues before they go bad.

2. Clean and change your filters regularly

Change your Filters regularly. The best help you could give your Unit.

3. Make sure the area surrounding an outdoor unit is clear

Keep the surrounding area of the outdoor unit, the condenser unit, free of bushes, trees and any other debris.

4. Keep your doors and windows closed at all times

The AC senses the temperature surrounding the Thermostat so it is wise to keep all doors and windows closed.

5. Seal any openings to keep the cool inside

Please Make sure you apply caulking, weather stripping, to prevent any Air loss.

6. Let the unit rest while you’re not home

Keep the unit off when traveling.

7. Utilize your ceiling fans

Using fans help your unit to run more efficiently. Use them when you can.

8. Inspect and clean vents regularly

Keep your vents cleaned from any debris.

9. Invest in window tints or films

Using a darker tint for your windows will stop the sun from entering and keep your home much cooler.

10. Indulge in cool beverages and drinks

Using the oven to make hot tea or coffee will make your home warmer so the Unit will be working all the time.

11. Protect your system and budget with a home warranty

Sign up for a Home Warranty plan. It is wise for the long term.

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