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Temperature Control Device
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Items checked at Service Tune up


Both indoor and outdoor units.

  1. Tighten Electrical connections
  2. Check the Refrigerant level (Add only after consulting with the customer)
  3. Checking for any leaks
  4. Vacuum dust from inside the unit
  5. Lubricating moving parts
  6. Flush and clean drain line & Trap
  7. Testing the Thermostat
  8. Temperature Differential Test
  9. Checking Compressor’s amp
  10. Checking motor’s amp
  11. Inspect filter
  12. Check contactors and relays
  13. Inspect pressure and Temprature
  14. Inspect safety devices and controls
  15. Test Emergency shut offs
  16. Inspect ductwork
  17. Inspect Heat exchanger for leaks or cracks
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